Speed Escape - Chamber HD 1.3.5

Source:AA3 Studio/TT1 Studio/Tenn Studio

Game introduction:
One day, the role you played in the game is kidnapped by some kidnappers.You are trapped in a backroom. Kidnappers will kill you when they get the ransom. So you have to pick up some hints and find tools that help you escape from the room as soon as possible.

The true 3D effect:
The main game stage use the 3D graphics.It's more realistic than 2D view.

Interesting gesture and gravity sensor:
You can use swipe gesture or incline phone(game gravity function turned on)change the
main game stage.Plus, by the gesture of common tap, long tap, slither, pan, you can find hints and tools help you escape form the room.When you touch the icon of tools for once, you can select the tools.When you touch the icon of tools for twice, you will see the concrete information of them.

Amateur mode and veteran mode:
There are two different modes in this game. And veteran mode is locked until you accomplished the amateur task .

Amazing SE and fair-sounding BGM:
For better Gaming experience, we use a lot of true sound effect it has some background music that you can choose in game option easily.

Support all kinds of Android tablet :
This game has been corresponded with all Android tablet, for the special resolution ration graphics, this game also perfectly supported.

Game inspiration:
The game designers are cinephile of "CSI", "BONES".Some inspiration of this game from
detective film.

Setting language:
The game language will be the same with system language.If you want to Play in English, please change your system language.

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